A few months ago, Alba Botanica reached out to me and asked me if I would like to become one of five women to be featured in their upcoming campaign. After a few weeks of Skype interviews and learning more about their company, I completely fell in love with their idea of celebrating every day women who are doing good.  I use their Hawaiian shampoo and love their approach to creating clean and healthy products that are not tested on animals, so this decision was very easy and my answer of course was YES!

During the next couple of weeks the production team tossed around creative ideas, and built a beautiful story book, showcasing my  journey of creating my non-profit with a goal of empowering young girls. Every time my email chimed with an update, I got more and more excited to finally meet (in person) and film. Such care was taken to ensure my story was told with an impact, delivered with honesty and of course a huge dose of epic girl power! The all women film team was incredible. The Girl Power vibe was contagious.

We filmed in beautiful Auburn, California at a “Dream It Be It” Conference hosted by the Soroptimist  International of the American River chapter. I was invited to share my GIRL TALK program with 60 amazing girls and thanks to the amazing Soroptimist ladies, the film team was able to get some great in the moment footage. We had such a fun day!

Now…we wait. Great editing takes time and I knew from the sneak peek footage there was no doubt the finished product would exceed my expectations. I was right.

I am SO thankful and honored that Alba Botanica chose me as one of their five women who are doing good. When I think of all the women in this world, I am celebrating. I want all girls to see their value and unique, endless possibilities as they embark on their journey of reaching their goals and dreams. Remember to empower your fellow BFF’s and girls you meet. Every time you choose to empower instead of tearing someone else down, you are shaping the girls who are looking up to you and trust me on this, they are watching…Girl Power is pretty amazing. Find it, hold onto it and use if for good.

Here are a few outtakes from the Alba Botanica shoot and a link to the final video. I’m missing all the girls who were a part of this special day that was literally filled with epic Girl Power. May you always have confidence and self-worth.  Your inner Girl Power will help you push through those hard times. Remember, when you do good, your beauty shines the brightest! What are you doing good today?  XOXO IMG_3111.JPG